Delight your customers

Generate long lasting and profitable customer relationships using our loyalty programme.



Customer Data & Segmentation

Foodie puts you in control of your customer data making it easy to capture emails, phone numbers and a whole host of other valuable customer information.

Using real-time data, we customer segments based on spending behaviour, cross-brand demographics, location affinity, payment behaviour out of the box for driving sales across channels

Top spenders

Customer birthdays

Favourite dishes

Behaviour data


Powerful data-driven marketing suite

Gather insights, segment customers effectively and run personalized marketing campaigns directly from your dashboard.

Customer segmentation

Multi channel outreach

Campaign creation tools

Remarketing tools

Omni-channel loyalty

Win more repeat customers with a loyalty program that runs effortlessly both online and in-store.

Ready for online ordering

Instantly GoLive! with multiple ordering channels

Integrated with social channels

Convert your LINE, Facebook and Instagram followers to customers

Customizable earning rules

Create your own point earning rules with multi-level tiers

In store e-vouchers

Use vouchers online / in-store, across multiple brands

Targeted Rewards & Redemptions

Rewards your customers when they expect it ! Equally delightful redemption options.

Supports multi branch operators

Full support for multi-branch operators


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